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Putty Silicones

  • Matrix Form 60 A+B

    You'll be amazed at the detail captured by this unique putty. Easily kneadable, auto-curing with a Shore hardness of 60, Matrix Form 60 is applied directly to the wax-up or modelation and placed in a dry pressure pot at 2 Bar (30 psi) for 4 minutes...

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  • Matrix Form 70 A+B, 5000g of each

    This might be our most addictive product!! Our classic 1:1 silicone. This auto-curing putty with a Shore hardness of 70 has excellent dimensional stability for up to 1 year, accurate detail reproduction, and no distortion in the anaxform flask. Even high...

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  • Ergamix 70 Basic Lab Putty

    Ergamix 70 is our new, premium lab putty with the same shore hardness that made Matrix Form 70 a huge hit! But the working time is shortened to 2.5 minutes to expedite your work when you aren't using the anaxform flask (Matrix Form 70 has a 4 minute...

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