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Pekkton Press Ingots


Welcome to the Latest in Polymer Technology

We are proud to announce that anaxdent North America is the exclusive source in the USA for Cendre + Metaux's latest innovation: Pekkton. A new high performance polymer (HPP) with technical properties comparable to human dentin and cortical bone!

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  • Pekkton Ivory Press Ingots - Pack of 10

    Pekkton Ivory Press Ingots - Pack of 10

    Pekkton Ivory Press Ingots are 1g ingots of Pekkton High Performance Polymer you can press to fabricate shock-absorbing copings and frames. With 80% higher compressive strength than PEEK polymer and technical properties comparable to human cortical bone...

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  • Pekkton Ivory Starter Kit

    If you have a dependable burn-out furnace to pre-heat Pekkton ingots, these are the key items you'll need to get started pressing Pekkton.  Kit Contents: PEKKpress Pressing Unit PEKKpress Mould Former Set - 200g PEKKpress Mould Former Set - 600g...

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