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Glazes & Polishing Components

  • New Outline Skin Glaze

    Light-cure glaze used to seal the surface of acrylic and composite restorations.  Use to add luster to New Outline provisionals or apply to finished composite restorations, then polish over with Pasta Grigia I polishing paste for the best surface...

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  • Cover Gel (air inhibitor)

    This clear gel is applied to the entire composite surface for a final curing cycle to remove the inhibitation layer, ensuring a complete cure to the restoration's surface. An essential step prior to polishing and/or glazing. 

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  • Pasta Grigia I, 11g

    Pasta Grigia [pah-stuh gree-zhuh] – The best polishing paste around. Polishing paste for a high-gloss polish on composite restorations. It‘s the best you‘ll find. Natural diamond and a special paste formula smooths...

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  • Dreve Nanovarnish

    Dreve Nanovarnish is a light-curing, one-component lacquer filled with nano-particles. What makes it great: crystal clear, no yellow color ideally low surface energy minimizes the sticking of germs very thin layers thanks to optimum flowing...

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