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Celara Denture Facilitation System 

Now exclusively through anaxdent North America!



 The Celara system, trusted by dentists and labs for over 10 years, dramatically improves the workflow to replace a patient's existing denture. 

Celara Benefits:

- Enables delivery of the wax try-in (full set-up) on the second office visit

- Eliminates the need for custom trays, bit rims and base plates

- Provides lab with all details of the patient's existing denture: patient is never without their denture & never has to visit the lab


CLICK HERE for Technique Info & Videos


  • Celara Premium Hybrid Wax (Extra-Hard)

    Celara Premium Hybrid Wax is ideal for use with the Celara Denture Facilitation System, but it's extra-hard formula also makes it ideal for applications in which rigidity and temperature resistance are important. Use with the Hand-Pump Wax Injector to...

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  • Celara Training System

    Everything a dental practice needs to learn the Celara Technique plus three arches of material to complete three Celara cases.  Contents:  - Celara Master Technique DVD - Laminated step-by-step technique poster - 3 x Celara Disposable...

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  • Celara Triple Arch Refill Kit

    Dental practices new to Celara will start out with the Celara Training System. Once you've gotten your first cases under your belt, this Triple Arch Refill Kit supplies you with three more arches of material, so you can make three more denture patients...

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  • Hand-Pump Wax Injector

    This Hand-Pump Wax Injector is idea for simple wax duplication of dentures and wax-ups.  Preferred temperature is set using the heand-dial, and the heating element maintains consistent temperature until the unit is turned off. 115V  1L capacity...

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