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  • anaxform Starter Kit

    This kit is designed for construction of crowns, bridges and dentures in acrylic.  Check out the "Product Videos" section below for demonstration videos on use of the anaxform system to...

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    anaxform Clear Upgrade Set (for Metal Flask)

    anaxform Clear Upgrade Set

    Add the ultimate level of versatility to your anaxform Metal Flask with this anaxform Clear Upgrade Set. Simjply replace the black metal lid with this two-piece, clear, acrylic lid and duplicate your...

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  • anaxform Large Metal Flask

    anaxform Large Metal Flask

    This precision-manufactured flask is designed for duplication of your wax-up in acrylic, wax or any self-curing material.  The versatile design allows work with or without the stone model. A...

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  • anaxform Clear Top Set (For Metal Flask)

    Wishing your anaxform Large Metal Flask could be used to process light-cure materials too? Now, it can! This two-piece, clear, acrylic lid set with removal tool pairs with your anaxform Large Metal...

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  • anaxform Verticulator

    anaxform Verticulator

    This is the swiss army knife of the anaxdent system! Looked at simply, it captures final form and vertical dimension to use as a reference throughout the life of the case. More specifically, this...

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  • anaxform Base Formers

    anaxform Base Formers

    This set of two, identical base formers allow you to create a split cast model that will fit precisely on the metal base of the anaxform Metal Flask, Clear Universal Flask and the Verticulator. Each...

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  • Divorce

    This has nothing to do with relationships! Our Divorce separates silicone from silicone, and we can highly recommend it, because it works excellently. A very thin film provides the required...

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  • anaxdent Separator, 1000ml

    Our Separator is a high-quality alginate insulation. The insulating agent separator keeps all kinds of acrylics and plasters separated. 

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  • Premium Steamfilter

    The Rolls Royce of steamfilters. Why? Because you're worth it.  But seriously, the lightweight metal filter transfers heat evenly and quickly for faster cleaning of teeth. Individual...

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  • PMMA Injector, 50g

    Reusable syringe with capacity for full-arch restorations and/or dentures. Easily retrofit for use in the anaxdent Universal Dispensing Gun.  Use with anaxdent Clear Covered Tips. 3 x Clear...

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  • Application Tips (Pack of 20)

    Tips screw onto anaxdent flowable composite syringes and also anaxblend and anaxgum paints and stains for more exact application and dispensing.

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