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Flasking Systems



  • anaxform Starter Kit

    This kit is designed for construction of crowns, bridges and dentures in acrylic.  Check out the "Product Videos" section below for demonstration videos on use of the anaxform system to fabricate provisionals, denture & scanning appliances and...

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  • anaxform Clear - LC Kit

    This kit includes clear flasks, clear duplication materials, putty and separators necessary to duplicate your wax-up in light-cure composite.  Kit Contents:anaxform Clear flask, quadrant size (incl. 2 transparent covers)anaxform Clear flask,...

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  • SALE
    anaxform Clear Upgrade Set (for Metal Flask)

    anaxform Clear Upgrade Set

    Add the ultimate level of versatility to your anaxform Metal Flask with this anaxform Clear Upgrade Set. Simjply replace the black metal lid with this two-piece, clear, acrylic lid and duplicate your wax-up in the accompanying clear silicones. Then,...

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  • anaxform Large Metal Flask

    anaxform Large Metal Flask

    This precision-manufactured flask is designed for duplication of your wax-up in acrylic, wax or any self-curing material.  The versatile design allows work with or without the stone model. A magnetized split cast can be created using the anaxform...

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  • anaxform Clear - Crown & Bridge Flask Set

    This set of two clear flasks is designed for duplication of your crown and bridge wax-up in light-cure composite.  Check out the "Product Videos" section below to see a video of the flask in action.  Set Contents: 1 x anaxform Clear - Full Arch...

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  • anaxform Clear Top Set (For Metal Flask)

    Wishing your anaxform Large Metal Flask could be used to process light-cure materials too? Now, it can! This two-piece, clear, acrylic lid set with removal tool pairs with your anaxform Large Metal Flask enable injection fabrication of anaxblend Flow and...

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  • anaxform Verticulator

    anaxform Verticulator

    This is the swiss army knife of the anaxdent system! Looked at simply, it captures final form and vertical dimension to use as a reference throughout the life of the case. More specifically, this tool simplifies and makes more predictable: - Frame design...

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  • anaxform Base Formers

    anaxform Base Formers

    This set of two, identical base formers allow you to create a split cast model that will fit precisely on the metal base of the anaxform Metal Flask, Clear Universal Flask and the Verticulator. Each base former is magnetized identically to the flask...

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  • Divorce

    This has nothing to do with relationships! Our Divorce separates silicone from silicone, and we can highly recommend it, because it works excellently. A very thin film provides the required accuracy and allows for easy separation later on –...

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  • Hand-Pump Wax Injector

    This Hand-Pump Wax Injector is idea for simple wax duplication of dentures and wax-ups.  Preferred temperature is set using the heand-dial, and the heating element maintains consistent temperature until the unit is turned off. 115V  1L capacity...

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