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Bonders and Liquids

  • PEKKbond, 10ml

    PEKKbond creates a strong chemical bond between Pekkton and composites, acrylics and cements. PEKKbond is also useful when bonding veneering material to other technopolymers, such as PEEK. 

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  • Bond LC, 10ml

    A light-curing, multi-purpose bonder that bonds: - composites and PMMA - composites to cured composites - composites to blasted, etched, silanated porcelain - Bis-acryls to PMMA Apply a thin layer to the restoration surface, light cure for 1-minute,...

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  • Model LC, 10ml

    This modeling liquid for anaxblend composites increases viscosity of the material during modelation and prevents material from sticking to modeling instruments. Also for use with anaxgum pink composites.

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  • Metal Bonder, 5ml

    Our metal bonder provides an excellent bond between resins and metals of all kinds.  Simply blast, etch and dry the metal frame. Then, apply a generous layer of Metal Bonder, allow to air dry up to 5 minutes, and immediately apply a thin layer of...

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