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Acryline (denture & splint acrylic)

  • Acryline Powder: Clear

    Acryline Powder: Clear

    The crystal-clear Acryline clear ideally serves as a universal material for splints and implant drill guides. The virtually shrink-free material offers absolute stability, a good homogeneity and cures bubble-free. Kneadable, flowable, suitable for...

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  • Acryline Powder: Regular

    Acryline Powder: Regular

    The color regular has only little opacity (30%) which makes it ideal for relines and repairs because of its good color adaptation. Opacity level: 30%

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  • Acryline Powder: Light Pink

    Its opacity (50%) and beautiful pink color lend Acryline Light Pink the ability to blend with the most common gingiva shades, making it the most popular shade in the Acryline family. Opacity Level: 50%

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  • Acryline Powder: Pink

    Acryline Powder: Pink

    The pink with the highest opacity (80%). Especially made to cover framework materials or discolorations. Opacity Level: 80%

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  • Acryline HI Liquid (Hot / Intense), 100ml

    Heat-cure liquid for use to extend the working time for Acryline powders when used for custom tinting. Adding up to 30% HI liquid to Acryline Cold-cure liquid extends working time from 5 minutes to 9 minutes.  ONLY AVAILABLE IN 100ml SIZE. 

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  • Acryline Intense Colors, 100g

    These intensely-pigmented modifiers are available in four colors for easy, quick characterization of the gingival parts.  Also, they easily mix with Acryline powders and Marker Powders to create custom colors. 

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  • Acryline X-Ray DVT Powder (~12% Barium Sulfate)

    Acryline X-ray DVT (12% barrium sulfate) is a radiopaque acrylic used to make scanning appliances for use in cone beam CT scanners. This formula, with approx. 12% barium sulfate, has the maximum amount of radiopacity possible to maintain minimal noise...

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  • PMMA Injector, 50g

    Reusable syringe with capacity for full-arch restorations and/or dentures. Easily retrofit for use in the anaxdent Universal Dispensing Gun.  Use with anaxdent Clear Covered Tips. 3 x Clear Covered Tips included.

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  • anaxdent Universal Dispensing Gun

    anaxdent Universal Dispensing Gun

    Universal dispensing gun that converts to accept 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 cartridges. Easily adapted to fit anaxblend Big Block 20g composite syringes and the anaxdent 50g PMMA dispenser.

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