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  • anaxCAD Temp EZ (monolithic) 98.5mm

    Mill esthetic, long-term provisional crowns and bridges with our anaxCAD Temp EZ (monolithic) disc. Features & Benefits: - Ideal, homogeneous mixture of dentin and enamel acrylics for true shade and a natural esthetic - Single-layer construction for...

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  • anaxCAD Temp Plus (multi-layer) - 98mm

    anaxCAD Temp Plus (multi-layer) - 98mm

    Mill esthetic, long-term provisional crowns and bridges with our anaxCAD Temp Plus (multi-layer) disc. The nearly-invisible transition of opacity from cervical to incisal is what sets this puck apart from the rest. For hybrid denture provisionals, simply...

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  • New Outline Starter Kit

    New Outline Starter Kit

    Kit Contents: Dentin Powders: A1, A2, B1, 100g each Enamel Powders: Transpa Clear, High Value (whitish), 100g eachLiquid 100mlanaxGLAZE Clear LV, 5ml

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  • New Outline Master Kit

    New Outline Master Kit

    Kit Contents: Dentin Powders: white dentin, A1, A2, A3, B1, 100g each Enamel Powders: Transpa Clear, Medium Value (opalescent), High Value (whitish), 100g each Liquid 100 ml New Outline Skin Primer, 10ml New Outline Skin Glaze, 10ml Bond LC, 10...

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  • New Outline Dentin Powder: 100g

    NEW OUTLINE long-term PMMA by Michel Magne is the ideal material to produce temporaries. The New Outline system of powder/liquid PMMA material produces superior optics to any other provisional material on the market, plus the non-porous surface of New...

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  • New Outline Skin Glaze, 10ml

    Light-cure glaze used to seal the surface of acrylic and composite restorations.  Use to add luster to New Outline provisionals or apply to finished composite restorations, then polish over with Pasta Grigia I polishing paste for the best surface...

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  • anaxdent Separator, 1000ml

    Our Separator is a high-quality alginate insulation. The insulating agent separator keeps all kinds of acrylics and plasters separated. 

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  • VISCO III Auto-cure Bis-acryl, 76g

    Premium, auto-cure bisacryl for chairside use.  4:1 Cartridge. Includes mixing tips. Closer shade match to New Outline shades than other bisacryls. Ideal for filling New Outline shell provisionals. Just use Bond LC or New Outline Bonding Fluid to...

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